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UV-26 battery pack assembly
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Watt's Up  

  Burntester and
Watt's Up meter instructions

Burntester incorporates low voltage cut-off device, with alarm.
If this device fails, the batteries will be discharged to zero volts,
resulting in battery damage and failure.
Submerge is not responsible for this damage.
Use common sense and monitor battery voltage, relying on the low voltage
dis-connect device only as a back-up.

Burn tester gets extremely hot, 
keep away from battery pack and ANY flammable material.


Burn test ONLY: (Without Watt's Up Meter):

1)Fully charge batteries.
2)Connect burn tester to the battery pack:
3)Start a timer / stopwatch.
When battery voltage reached 21 volts, an alarm will sound:
4)Record the elapsed time of the test (you must attend to the test constantly)

After 60 seconds, the burntester will switch off.
Always disconnect the batteries from the burntester after the alarm sounds.
Record the burntest time for future reference.

Genesis 16 A/h 40-45 minutes
Genesis 26 A/h 70-90 minutes
Genesis 42 A/h 150 minutes
NiMH battery pack 60-70 minutes

With Watt's Up meter (recommended):

Note: please read and understand Watt's Up instructions click here for PDF file
Or go to: www.rc-cars-planes.com/

1)Fully charge battery.
2)Plug Watt's Up Meter to battery pack
3)Plug Watt's Up to burn tester.
Be sure to use the correct ends on the Watt's Up Meter:
(Battery=> source[Watt's Up]load =>Burntester)
Scooter DPV burn tester wiring

When the battery voltage drops to 21 volts, the alarm will sound for
60 seconds, then the tester will switch off.

The Watt's Up meter will retain the test data as long as it is plugged
into the battery pack.

4)From the bottom left scrolling display of the Watt's Up meter, record the "A/h" reading.

This should be between 10 A/h and 42 A/h depending on the battery pack size
being tested:

UV-18 10 to 12 A/h
UV-26 20 to 23 A/h
UV-42 39 to 42 A/h
N-19/NiMH pack (Including each pack in a UV-N-37): 15 to 18 A/h

Link to purchase spare Powerpole connectors: POWERWERX
(we use the 75 amp housing for motor connections, and 15/30/45 for UV charging wires ONLY)

Using the Watt's Up meter independantly of the burntester:

The Watt's up meter is a versitile tool which can be used to record battery
and motor information whilst in use. The Watt's Up Meter can be installed
inside the scooter, between the motor and batteries. After the dive, the
Watt's Up will display the amount of energy used during the dive.

If you run the scooter until it slows/until the low voltage cut-off on NiMH models,
battery data can be determined without needing the burntester.

Submerege DPV unsdcerwater SCUBA scooter testing meter

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