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Instruction manual PDF file for UV 18, UV-26 and N-19 scooters

MAGNUS instruction PDF

MINNUS instruction PDF

How to tie the tow rope sliding knot... a taughtline hitch:  http://www.netknots.com/html/tautline_hitch.html


#1 is ensure you dis-connect the battery pack from the electronics! (Magnus and Minnus)

#2 the storage temperature is important! High temperatures will shorten the life of the pack.

It is sometimes recommended to store lithium battery packs at approximately 50% state of charge. However, we do not recommend any complicated procedures to store the pack at an exact voltage.

Our first recommendation is to charge the pack to 100% if you plan to use the scooter in the next 10 to 30 days. This will prevent last minute disasters if you forget to charge your scooter the night before the next dive!

For longer term storage, a rule of thumb would be the check the voltage after a dive. If it is above 26 volts, don't charge it, store as is. Do not bother trying to discharge the pack, it's not worth the effort, and you might end up damaging the pack inadvertently.

If it is below 26 volts, you should charge it up to approx 26 to 27 volts for the VIPER and MIINNUS, or 45 to 46 volts for the MAGNUS. This requires you to monitor the voltage at intervals during the charge.

Nevertheless, storing a pack at 100% charge is not very harmful. If you plan to use the scooter often, I would charge it to 100% after each dive.

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