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Magnus "house mof might/power"

New for 2015: Vortex precision speed control

Vortex precision speed control

For those who want the best of the best.

Utilizing the latest in Lithium Polymer battery technology, advanced VORTEX precision speed control, and a new high voltage 1000+ watt motor, we have built a machine with a good and evil personality....

Speed/power, endurance and light weight:

Yes, this baby has it all.

Speeds approaching 300 ft/min with a single cylinder, over 250 feet/min with tech gear... this machine rocks. Runtimes up to 5 hours. Range up to 8 miles* (up to 16 miles Magnus 2X  version).

As with any vehicle, you must choose between speed and endurance. The beauty of the Magnus is you have more choices... go flat out for 50+ minutes on top speed, run 2 to 3 hours on cruise speed, or choose the power saving speed 1 and have your long burn times at slower speed.

The Lithium Polymer battery pack (nickel, manganese, cobalt  chemistry, which is safer than traditional Lithium/Cobalt) provides almost 1 Kilo Watt hour of energy  in small package. 

Specifications MAGNUS 

Battery chemistry   Lithium Polymer Lithium Polymer
Battery size:  watt/hours 888 1776
Top speed,
250 250
Thrust, pounds 64 64
Weight, pounds 49.5 70
Runtimes 1 to 4 hours 2 to 8 hours
Range @ Top Speed with single cylinder 2.5 miles 5 miles
Possible Max range with optimized diver and speed selection 8 miles 16 miles
Length 29.5" 38"
Hull diameter 8.6" 8.6"
Interchangable with MAGNUS
2015 VORTEX precision Electronic Speed Control  YES YES

Product review by James Toland, September 2011.

I conceder myself a die hard SS fan. Not just for their commitment to customers or their constant pursuit to better their product and use new top of the line technology. Primarily I chose them for their durability/dependability to withstand the rigors and abuses of extreme backwoods exploration. As a proud owner of two UV 26's and a prototype 18 with a lithium battery pack. I've repeatedly put them to the test exploring caves well off the beaten path as well as our more popular training caves. In both syphons and springs I depend on SS scooters to work regardless the conditions. 

Just a short while ago I was rewarded with the opportunity to test one of the dream machines the Magnus. It just so happened during a particular difficult cave system I was exploring. This system presented several problems such as a substantial trek threw dense woods and up and down a large steep ravine. Not to mention low visibility and side mount restrictive passages that would stretch for a 100+ feet at times at a moderate depth of 150'. Right away the benefits were phenomenal. This machine gives a whole new meaning to the old saying "dynamite comes in small packages". Light weight and easy to carry. Definitely a sweet treat getting to and from the dive sights. 

The real magic is revealed in the water, with the speed control at your fingertips. I was blown away at how beneficial this was in conserving gas and energy. At first I thought that speed one would be useless but boy was I wrong. It's just right for low side mount passages. Slow enough to control but still slightly faster than I could swim in the restrictive sections. This allowed me to keep a low breathing rate while maintaining swift progress. As soon as the cave opens up with more breathing room, a flick of the wrist and off you go to second gear with out having to stop and go back and forth between prop pitches. 

The muscle behind this innovative ride in second gear is no joke. This particular cave never allowed me to open it up to full speed. So after putting it threw an abusive test run where it worked flawlessly, I had to take it somewhere I could unleash it's raw power. It just so happen that I was guiding a dive at Indian Springs the next day. Man what a rush, this beast can move. Just to be fair we switched out rides several times between a UV 26 and the Magnus during the dive to make up for differences in trim, size and battery power. It didn't matter who was in control of the Magnus. It simply walked away on speed three. The Magnus is the toughest, fastest, light weight and most versatile scooter bar none. Made for explores and recreational enthusiast alike. The potential applications are limitless to mention all of them. It's a must have for anyone looking for a new ride.




ADVISORY: prepare a dedicated charging area that is cleared of any flammable materials or other equipment; do not charge the scooter in or attached to a dwelling with sleeping occupants, and ensure you have a functioning smoke alarm where the scooter is stored.

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