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UV-26...  the professionals choice

Depth rated to a conservative 400 feet, UV scooters have a 10 year track record of dives as deep as 650 feet/185 meters.

Number 1 in diver comfort:
As with all UV model scooters, the UV-26  as an advantage over thin and long scooters which should not be underestimated for long distance scooter diving. The larger diameter of the UV scooters (10.6"/270mm) allows the battery packs to be offset from the centerline of the scooter. This acts in exactly the same way as the heavy keels used in yacht. In the case of the scooter, this offset weight counteracts the torque/twisting action of the propellers.

Without this feature, the diver would have to constantly apply a small but significant force to the handle of the scooter, to prevent the scooter from it's constant desire to rotate in a direction opposite the the propeller rotation. This feature has to be experienced to fully appreciate. Many Submerge divers who have switched from the UV scooters to the smaller N-19 crave the stability and comfort of the UV scooters during longer dives.

No battery maintenance required
unlike NiMH batteries, Genesis lead acid batteries have a very low self discharge rate, and can be stored for long periods without loosing capacity. No exercising, cycling or discharging is required to keep lead acid batteries at peak efficiency.

Lowest running costs
lead acid batteries are less than 1/2 the cost of expensive NiMH batteries to replace, are available locally anywhere in the world, and may last longer than NiMH! Definately more resistant to abuse.

Sealed, waterproof motor compartment.
Not only protects motor and bearings  from water if the main hull leaks, also isolates the rest of the scooter if the shaft seal leaks. Sealed motor compartment also prevents any objects, dust, dirt, moisture, salt spray or water from entering motor when the scooter is opened up for battery charging.

The addition of this compartment, not available with many other brand scooters, also allows simple confirmation of the shaft seal integrity, with simple vacuum pump and gauge (See accessories)

Main hull o-ring design
eliminates clumsy and high maintenance barrel o-ring design in favor of  an over sized (1/4" thick!) o-ring, face seal and spring clip pre-tensioning/sealing method.  This seal type has been accepted as the ideal lighting and scooter sealing method over decades of extreme Florida cave diving.

The large cross section o-ring is more forgiving of contaminants and debris, and does not require greasing with silicone (which tends to attract sand, silt and other debris responsible for seal failures). 

Ultimate corrosion protection:
All major external parts of Submerge scooters are build with marine grade, UV resistant  UHMWPE and HDPE industrial plastic, which is impervious to corrosion, these parts carry a lifetime warranty against corrosion.

All aluminum (which is naturally corrosion prone in a marine environment) used in the manufacture of Submerge scooters is MIL SPEC dichromate sealed and black hard coat anodized for superior corrosion protection. From 2007, this includes the motor end cap, which also has the additional protection of a MIL SPEC epoxy coating.

For divers that want a scooter that can last a lifetime, it should be noted that all external aluminum parts can be replaced at low cost with brand new parts; aluminum does not comprise any major/primary component of the scooter such as the hull, nose cone or tail section.

Single handed operation
Submerge pioneered the use of  a control handle specifically designed for single handed tow behind scooters,  an idea which has now become an industry standard on all  tech scooters designed in the last 10 years. Ours is yet to be matched in terms of ergonomics, simplicity  and functionality.

In particular, the Submerge motorcycle style handle incorporates a safety cut-off if the handle is released, a cruise control which can be operated with the control hand, and a backup magnet switch operation in the unlikely event of a trigger wire failure.

An optional, high profile cold water trigger is available which makes the scooter a pleasure to dive even with the thickest gloves and the coldest water.

Mechanical, variable pitch propeller
Operating on the same principle as helicopters, allows infinitely variable speed settings between the slowest cruise to full speed, allowing divers to precisely match speeds with dive partners. This speed control system eliminates the requirement of complex  electronic speed control componentry.

Tow behind style scooter: the apex of scootering evolution. 
Submerge Scooters are of the tow behind style, where the diver is attached to the DPV with a tow rope, which eliminates all exertion. The scooter handle is used to activate and guide the scooter only, the diver is not pulled via the arm(s).

This configuration this keeps the moving props in front of the diver, where entanglement risks are low. This is a distinct safety advantage over ride-on style or between the legs DPV's, where the propeller is placed exactly where any loose equipment will be damaged by the props.

 In addition, 1 or more additional scooters can easily be towed to extend the divers range whilst also allowing for equipment redundancy, something which is difficult to achieve with other DPV riding styles.

The tow-behind configuration is almost standard equipment for cave/tech divers as it allows more control of position, is the most maneuverable style of DPV operation, allowing  the DPV to be used in the tightest of passages.

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